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Broken Polaris Sol 1000 remote control?

I might be able to fix it


The 2015 2021 Pool season is here and I still get an occasional unit to fix.

This site is old and outdated but mostly still contains accurate info.  Several years ago I had a steady stream of broken controlners being sent for repair.  In 2020 it was just a single unit but then again 2020 may be eventually be known as the lost year.  I'm still have replacement parts and am still repairing units.

This has been a pretty good remote control for the swimming pool. I own one and my neighbor also owns one. Years ago my neighbor's system broke. After a bunch of troubleshooting, I decided it was time to try to fix her unit.  After a bit of cutting and soldering her unit was back from the dead.  

In the over 30+ units I've fixed over the years I've learned a few tricks and found a few common themes of what breaks in the units. The most typical problems are with the charging and power supply circuits.  In the past year or two I've also been seeing much more problems with aging displays.  Both problems I have solutions for.

The remote was never designed to be worked on. It is epoxied closed and requires cutting to open.  I have gotten much better at cutting the units up over the years and have experimented with various methods of sealing the units up.  When I'm done I don't promise that they the unit will be water tight but my hope is that as long as you don't decide to take it scuba diving with you that it will be safe to use it around your pool just like you did before it broke.

When it comes to fixing these remotes, I work a bit differently than your typical electronic repair shop.  I don't fix them for a living and have found Polaris Sol 1000 owners to generous group of people and therefore don't send you bill directly for my time.  If you decide to send me your remote I'll give it my best shot at fixing it and send it back to you with actual cost and leave it up to you what my time is worth.  In addition to money I've gotten all sorts of fun barters.  It is all good!

Instead of giving out an address to ship the units to I would rather have an email conversation with you first.  That way you can describe what the unit is doing and I can perhaps fix it over the phone for you as there are several ways these units will act that can be fixed without sending them to me.  If you unit really does require some TLC in my shop I'll send you my address and take it from there.  I try to get all units off my bench in under a week though I don't always make it based other work load and "that" day job that seems to consume all my time.